Co Print launches Standard 3D Printers equipment for Multicolor and Multi-material 3D Printing in Turkey

As the need for producing locally is rising, companies around the world emerge with new domestic solutions. One of these companies is Co Print. Created by young entrepreneurs Fatih Kazım Duymaz and Hüseyin Özen, the company aims to improve the 3D printing offering in Turkey with multi-material 3D printing.

For the two entrepreneurs, most 3D printers they found can only produce with one colour material. Their initiative Co Print aims to change this, enabling 3D Printers to use 4 different filaments together in a single print. They are launching today an equipment for multicolour and material 3D printing.

It Can Work With All 3D Printers

More affordable than similar products and methods on the market, Co Print is a 3D Printer equipment that enhances the functionality of any 3D Printer. It automatically changes the filament entering the 3D Printers according to the needs of the colour model designed on the computer, thus allowing 3D printers to produce multicolour and multi-material objects in a single print. One of the best things about Co Print, which is easy to install and does not require any additional hardware, is that it can work with almost any Desktop 3D Printer.

Patented and ready for mass production final prototype, Co Print is asking for support in Arıkovanı. The team offers special discounts for Top 20 products among its awards, and is getting ready to meet its orders as from November 2020.

The Initiative’s future goal is to contribute to the development of the 3D Printer ecosystem.

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