Cappasity and Macy’s Centre City have permitted stylists to present their creations in 3D.

An interesting aspect for fashion designers is the ability to create content while taking into consideration the latest trends within society. Fashion designers within this sector are continuously faced with “Fast Fashion” which is a concept that is forever increasing. This concept is used to describe the use of new technologies in the process of creation or presentation.

On some online sites, 3D imaging can be used to visualize the clothing and its fit on the body.

In this particular case, designers will showcase their collections to a set of potential customers, who will then study the materials and the designs, paying attention to even the smallest of details in photorealistic 3D views.

The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator Program

The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is a program that gives the chance to selected Designers-in-Residence (DIR) to express their creativity. For a duration of 12 months, 10 fashion companies ranging from women’s ready-to-wear clothing to children’s clothing and sportswear, students will be enrolled in a study program.

DIR’s will have access to a workspace, showrooms and many other resources that will help them grow their business in Philadelphia. The program begins this month. A webinar with a focus on 3D technology within the fashion industry will be given by the Cappasity team in late March. Cappasity enables the development of an easy platform for the creation, integration and analysis of 3D content, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Elissa Bloom, executive director of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, believes that the access to the world of 3D printing will certainly permit creators to attract more clients.

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