BigRep One, BigRep Studio and now… meet BigRep PRO and BigRep Edge

Since its beginnings, BigRep is one of those companies that succeeded in creating a true positioning in professionals’ mind when it comes to large scale 3D printing and FFF technology.

This year at Formnext, the company unveiled two new 3D printers that integrate Thermoplastic Extrusion (Fused Filament Fabrication – FFF).

The BigRep PRO and BigRep EDGE

One thing the German manufacturer had in mind during the manufacturing of these 3D printers was to give users the possibility to create functional prototypes as well as composite tooling, end use parts and small number serial production.

BigREP PRO integrates a build envelope of one cubic meter and a large temperature-controlled spool chamber that enables continuous printing with materials such as ASA/ABS and nylon. With the insulated enclosed metal frame, it is possible to have an optimal even temperature control.

The heated print bed is mounted with polyamide foil for enhanced adhesion during the printing process and an integrated inductive sensor allows for semi-automatic leveling.

On the other hand, there is the BigRep EDGE with its build chamber of 1500x800x600 mm. Also designed to manufacture end use parts and functional prototypes, one of the main features of this 3D printer is that it can reach up to 200°C in the chamber and up to 220°C in the print bed.

In the November issue of 3D Adept Mag, Stefan Beyer explained that one of the current issues of large format 3D printing was the integration of Internet of Things in 3D printing systems. An issue that has been addressed here because both printers share a CNC control system that is driven by Bosch Rexroth, making 3D printing an IoT ready machine with connectivity and data.

Furthermore, another great improvement is BigRep MXT®. There is now a clear separation between filament feeding, melting and molten extrusion which enables a total management over materials and speed at any time.

Automotive, aerospace, consumer goods are among the first sectors that can benefit from these two technological innovations.  However, BigRep PRO is already available to order whereas BigREP EDGE is scheduled for release in Q2 2019.


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