BCN3D reveals key aspect of its software strategy through acquisition of 3D printing cloud platform AstroPrint

Image: AstroPrint

Since last year, 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D has been building a record of important milestones but this one is definitely the one we will keep in mind for 2021. The Spanish company has just acquired AstroPrint, a 3D printing software company known for the development of cloud solutions which facilitate printers’ management. The acquisition agreement was made last April and the transaction has been completed in July – for an undisclosed amount -.

Before we tell you more about AstriPrint, let’s remind that BCN3D was founded in 2012, and has become a standalone company in March 2019. Not only is this acquisition the first the team completed since they became a standalone company, but also it reveals its firm intention to explore inorganic growth.

That being said, California-based new subsidiary was founded in 2013 as a cloud software platform with more than 200.000 registered users in 130 different countries, 60% of which being based in the US and with an average of 2.000 printers connected simultaneously. BCN3D says the company will continue to operate as an independent platform and will continue to develop new functionalities for its user base.

Implementing a serious software strategy

I am not telling you anything new when I say software solutions play a pivotal role in the integration of AM technologies. BCN3D is well aware of this potential. The company which has recently released a 3D printing slicing software for its entire portfolio now plans to do more.

With AstroPrint onboard, BCN3D will have an experienced software team dedicated to the future development of its 3D printing solutions. While waiting to see the fruits resulting from the integration of AstroPrint’s technology in the BCN3D Cloud, the AstroPrint software engineering team will create brand new products “never seen before in the 3D printing industry”.

The fusion of these two software teams will be spearheaded by Co-founder and CTO Daniel Arroyo, who will also now take up his role as Chief Software Officer of BCN3D.

We see this as a new chapter in our quest for offering the absolute best possible solution to clients across both hardware and software. We are certain that this acquisition of a company with such expertise in this field will serve to boost our BCN3D printing profile to its full potential, and that the merging of our teams will undoubtedly entail countless benefits”, Xavier Martínez Faneca, CEO of BCN3D.

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