Aurora Labs completes the build and achieves first live test of its pre-production RMP1 Beta Printer

Image: courtesy of Aurora Labs
Image: courtesy of Aurora Labs

Aurora Labs is ready to commercialize its RMP1 Beta Printer

Aurora Labs has announced the launch of its RMP1 Beta Printer, a machine that was built based on its customers’ feedback. The launch of a new 3D printer is always a big milestone for companies of the industry.

As far as Aurora Labs is concerned, the Australian manufacturer has showed the market significant development of its market during the last months: the scalability of its (Rapid Manufacturing Technology) RMT using Multilevel Concurrent Printing (MCP) process or even the successful test results of its metal additive manufacturing during the production of a series of 10mm titanium hexagon parts.

A functional machine, ready for commissioning and tests

First, an industrial design firm supported Aurora Labs in the development of the machine design. Now that the mechanics of the RMP1 have been proven to this phase, the designers will complete the industrial designs for the enclosure of the RMP1 Printer.

With a print bed of 450 mm x 400 mm, the company said this printer has 3 x the processing capacity of the Alpha2 printer.

Speaking of the specifications of the machine, Managing Director, David Budge stated: “we have prioritised optimising speed increases and print quality which are key pillars of the Aurora strategy, and the team has made substantial progress achieving speed increases throughout the last few months, resulting in the print of a series of 10mm high, titanium hexagon parts in a timeframe of only 20 minutes.”

To achieve first commercialization, the printer needs to prove itself in the AM industry. Several tests must be carried out to demonstrate the capabilities of the system. That’s why, the company invited industry partners, investors and key players during an Open Day for a live demonstration of the printer: machine calibration, printing test and production of sample parts were part of the demonstration.

Seeking partnerships and commitments to purchase

Like other manufacturers of the industry, Aurora Labs will rely on partnerships to commercialize its 3D printer.

There is already a certain interest from potential leads the company met at recent tradeshows, not to mention the ongoing preliminary discussions around the potential sale of the RMP1 Beta Printer.

For Budge, “the fact that the RMP1 Beta Printer is operational is a key milestone for the team here. Developing and refining our technology has been long in the making and the RMP1 Beta Printer is now built and ready to go live. We are transitioning from a heavy R&D phase with the RMP1 Beta Printer and we will now be able to move to a commercialisation and sales stage much more strongly with the technology we have developed.”

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