Arevo delivers first line of 3D printed frames for “Emery” brand, eBikes from Franco Bicycles

AREVO to produce 3D-Printed Carbon Fiber Unibody Bike Frames for New Line of eBikes from Franco Bicycles

AREVO rethinks the way one can manufacture bicycles. Last year, the company created a media hype by unveiling how it will take advantage of digitalisation to redefine global composites manufacturing. Today, the Silicon Valley company sets a new standard for eBikes frames from Franco Bicycles that they will digitally manufacture.

For those who discover the company, its technology features patented software algorithms enabling generative design techniques, free-motion robotics for “True 3D” construction, and direct energy deposition for virtually void free construction all optimized for anisotropic composite materials.

Rather than 18 months as the usual standard requires, it only takes a few days to the company to additively manufactured the frames of the brand EMERY. Indeed, the company exploits thermoplastic materials and has automated its manufacturing process to save time.

We chose AREVO technology because its iterative and flexible design represents the new age in composites manufacturing, and we wanted to be the first bike company to help lead this revolution,” said Hector Rodriguez, Co-Founder of Emery Bikes. “AREVO’s continuous carbon fiber technology has been instrumental in achieving the ride quality and high-performance requirements we set out to accomplish with the Emery ONE.”

This is the first Composite Additive-Manufactured bike frame and it represents an important milestone for the AM industry as AREVO is delivering on the promise of on-demand manufacturing of composite parts in volume now,” said Hemant Bheda, AREVO Co-Founder and Chairman. “With the introduction of the Emery ONE, the transformation of the global composite bike industry has begun.”

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