Apollo joins Techniplas Open Innovation Program – Nexa3D to showcase a large format SLA 3D Printer at CES 2019

Apollo is a supplier of affordable surveying drone solutions. Through its technology platform, it offers the digitization of a worksite that combines both multi-sensing and deep learning technologies.

The company has recently joined Techniplas Open Innovation Program alongside with various players of the industry including Sharebot, Nano Dimension, Nexa3D, to name a few. The autonomous drone solutions specialist will bring high-speed data acquisition and 3D digitization platform to the platform.

Using multi-sensing LiDAR, HD as well as thermal cameras with artificial intelligence, Apollo can turn any worksite into 3D model from a single scan, which is very interesting to connect things together. Techniplas aims at expanding its portfolio of cognitive and connected products and services; on the other hand, a wide range of companies that are in Techniplas portfolio will benefit from Apollo’s autonomous automated professional solutions for the connected world.

This win-win partnership proves once again, that Techniplas is capable to surround itself with specialists of the technology.

Nexa3D showcases NXE400, a fast SLA 3D Printer

Nexa3D, a partner of Techniplas will unveil a new desktop 3D printer at CES. The technology is said to break industry speed and size barriers.

Named NXE400, the SLA machine would print at up to 6 times the speed and 2.5 times the build volume compared to other machines of the same range. Powered by Nexa3D’ LSPc technology (Lubricant Sublayer Photo-curing), the user can print up to 16 liters of parts volume, at speeds of up to 1Z centimeter per minute.

Materials that are used for ultra-fast printing of functional prototyping, production tooling and full-scale manufacturing of end-use parts, casting patterns and dental restorations are the most appropriate for the NXE400. As far as software is concerned, the 3D printer integrates cognitive software as well as sensors, that provides accurate diagnostics, real monitoring and allows for the optimization of manufacturing part performance.

The new technology will certainly be commercialized during the first half of 2019, thanks to a collaboration with XYZ Printing and BEGO, a supplier of digital and traditional dental solutions. Consumers might get their own NXE400 at $49,950.

Techniplas and Nexa3D will showcase at LVCC, North Hall – 9320.

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