#CES2018: Discover Nexa3D’s Stereolithography 3D Printer and other announcements


Nexa3D, manufacturer of stereolithography professional-grade 3D printers, unveiled its new 3D printer at CES 2018. The maker will provide live demonstrations of this 3D printer from January 9-12, 2018.

Prospects, qualified resellers and strategic partners can join the company at Techniplas booth #9100 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


Other announcements of the company


Also showcased at the exhibition, it is the company’s first professional 3D printer. The machine is capable of printing 30 micron XY resolutions. Ideal for functional prototyping, production tooling and manufacturing of end-use parts, it is equipped with cognitive software and integrated sensors that together optimize manufacturing part performance, provide detailed diagnostics and offer continuous monitoring.

Nexa3D co-founder and executive chairman Avi Reichental reaffirms here the force of change of 3D printing in every industry. For the ex-CEO of 3D Systems and co-chairman of Nano Dimension’s Board of Directors, high-speed 3D printing is the next frontier in additive manufacturing.It goes without saying that it is highly valued by all stakeholders of the market.

Two interesting partnerships

Nexa3D will collaborate with BEGO, a provider of digital and traditional dental materials, 3D printers and services, and with XYZprinting, the desktop 3D printer brand. The aim of thes companies is to transform digital dentistry.

Under the agreement, BEGO will exclusively market and sell, under its own label, a special purpose high-speed Nexa3D dental printer that will be solely manufactured by XYZprinting. Nexa3D will exclusively develop the required technology and products for the partnership.

It must be said that in November, XYZprinting made an investment which bring Nexa3D to a funding of $10M. The manufacturer will also sell Nexa3D printers under the XYZ brand, as well as manufacture other white labelled products on behalf of Nexa3D.

And the automotive industry

Last, as part of the automotive focus, Nexa3D joined the Techniplas open innovation program.


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