Techniplas launches Techniplas Digital, a 3D printing unit for the rapid tooling development

Avi Reichental

Avi Reichental, former CEO of 3D Systems, will lead the new Techniplas LLC. The Nashotah-based plastic manufacturing company (Wisconsin) wants to accelerate the product development through the digitization of its operations. It is its biggest effort on “the migration of smart technologies from the edge of development to the company’s core operations.
Known for the injection molding of automotive parts, the company now wants to leverage 3D printing for the rapid development of metal inserts used in standard mold bases.
Avi Reichental lays emphasis on the fact it is the future of short-run manufacturingbecause we are moving towards a hybrid of traditional and new processes.
The new unit will also implement  3D UV polymer printing systems, which will enable the development of complex and lightweight plastic automotive components. Also, the improvement of cognitive connective systems for auto applications is part of its objectives.
This division will be globally set up, including in Germany and Switzerland. Last but not least, companies and institutions such as Stanford University, ParaMatters, Rinspeed, Nexa3D and XponentialWorks founded by Avi R. will support Techniplas on this path.

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