Introducing the EinScan H Series hybrid light source 3D Scanners

Shining 3D has added two Handheld Colour 3D Scanners to the EinScan Series. With over a decade of experience in 3D digitization, it’s fair to say that Shining 3D knows a thing or two about this field.

Although it improves the output of the 3D scanned component, 3D scanning has become more than a process that captures 3D attributes along with information such as colour and texture.

Over time, devices used to perform such tasks required improved features and needed to be easily portable, not to mention the specific requirements of certain fields.

With the EinScan H Series hybrid light source 3D Scanners, the expert has added a second light source to its EinScan LED light scanning technology to enable a broader range of applications.

EinScan H virtual display

With the EinScan H Invisible Infrared X LED,the focus is made on the ability to 3D scan with hybrid light & full colour. As it is the case with other 3D scanners from the Einscan series, the EinScan H integrates the same user-friendly software as well as plug-and-play characteristics. However, this time, when combined with the freedom of choosing the most suitable light source for scanning, the software’s algorithms qualify the EinScan H for high-quality full human body data acquisition.

Its main feature that enables it to stand out from the crowd is the infrared invisible light source that allows for easy capture of 3D data of hair and dark objects and the built-in colour camera that delivers authentic color scanning data. This makes it a good device for authentic digital replication of outstanding art pieces, furniture digitization for reproduction and virtual display as well as applications in the medical sector, art and heritage and education.

With the EinScan HX Blue laser X LED on the other hand, the 3D scanning specialist wanted to enhance industrial-grade 3D scanning. With the goal of improving adaptability of scanning materials and ambient light to another dimension, the EinScan HX combines the advantages of LED and laser and requires the use of dual blue light.

EinScan HX

This means that, in rapid scan mode, blue LED structured light is used for capturing object data. To quickly obtain 3D data without having to apply reference points, the manufacturer has equipped this device with multiple blue laser lines.

Not only does this ensure high accuracy and enable 3D scanning of reflective metal surfaces quickly, but it also provides high-quality 3D data for reverse design, CAD/CAM and 3D printing.

Applications include scanning of black surfaces and metal as well as other industrial applications.

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