Engineer Julio Vazquez designs a 3D Printed Nintendo Switch that allows players to play with both controllers simultaneously.

The Nintendo Switch

The console has actually been launched since March. However, the reality is that its use makes it less accessible to disabled people. Also, Julio Vazquez proposes a solution by designing accessories that allow gamers with one hand to play.

Concretely, there are two possibilities: to put the two halves of Joy-Con at right angles with one another via one of the adapters, or to bond them side by side.

Both possibilities work very well. With the first possibility, players can use their thumb  for one of the halves and the other fingers for the other half. With the second model on the other hand, players can gather their fingers across the face of both controllers.

side by side version
right angle version

Both versions, side by side and right angle are available on Thingiverse.

However, following the request of one of his left-handed friends, Julio  3D printed another version.
This current design was the result of almost a week of research and lots of failed prototypes, as I had to ensure that it would be easy to print, lightweight, and practical,” the engineer says. After testing that it works properly, we decided to share it, so that it can be of help to other gamers in a similar situation.

The use of 3D printing

Julio Vazquez used Flashforge Creator Pro to print in 3D each version of the Nintendo Switch. With a resolution of 0.3 mm, both were 3D  printed in PLA; with a 40% filling for the side by side version and 25% for the right angle version.


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