Aleph Objects, Inc., makers of LulzBot® 3D Printers, appointed two new members to their executive team.

Grant Flaharty, former President/COO of 3D Systems, will lead operations as the new President. Furthermore, Hob Wubbena, was Marketing Manager at Agilent Technologies. He will be in charge of marketing operations as Vice President of Marketing.

Grant Flaharty

With over 20 years of executive leadership experience with several companies such as Motorola, Qualcomm, and battenfeld-cincinnati. When he worked at 3D Systems, Flaharty led European Operations, World Wide Revenue Generation and then became the President and Chief Operating Officer.

3D Systems Global Revenue increased 80+% during this time and evolved from predominantly rapid prototyping to include additive manufacturing with the acquisitions of companies and technology.

His wide range of experience will now benefit Aleph Object’s market.

When I initially saw the 3D printed objects from their new LulzBot Mini 2 using their latest high-detail tool head I was very excited to join the team,” said Flaharty. “For an FFF machine to directly produce SLA-quality objects with functional end-use materials like ABS [as opposed to resins] is unprecedented for both the company and end users.

Hob Wubbena

As for Hob Wubbena, he acquired a great experience as VP of Universal Logic, a NASA artificial intelligence spin-off; and fulfilled other marketing roles at Hewlett-Packard and Agilent Technologies. His leadership in these roles typically led to double-digit order growth with a quadruple increase in lead generation.

Wubbena commented, The easy-to-use Lulzbot 3D printers – with their exceptional reliability, precise resolution, and Free Software and Open Source Hardware – are a paradigm shift for rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing.

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