After Solidjet technology, Solidscape relies on DLP to 3D print jewels

Solidscape has unveiled today its first DLP® 3D printer intended for the jewelry market. The announcement has been made by Prodways that acquired the company in July 2018.

Image via Solidscape

The 3D printer called the SolidscapeDL is the first high-precision resins production system of the company. The choice of the DLP® (Digital Light Processing) technology is certainly based on Prodways Group’s experience with this technology.

Unlike the S390 that functions using the Solidjet technology, and that optimizes the way the company prints castable patterns, the new 3D printer works with castable resins developed by Deltamed, another subsidiary of Prodways. According to the company, these materials will enable high speed manufacturing while cutting production cost by a third.

Once more, Solidscape is offering the jewellery market with cutting-edge engineering. After more than 20 years of experience on the market, the company keeps providing the latest technologies for this selective sector of activity and does not intend to stop there.

In addition to its market shares in the dental and hearing aid industries, Prodways Group wants to pave the way to the overall jewelry market direct 3D printing revolution. Today, around 10% of global jewelry production uses direct 3D printing, mainly in the high-end jewelry segment. The objective of Solidscape is to increase this percentage to 50% within 5 years.

The official launch of the SoliscapeDL will be at the beginning of Q2 2019.

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