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Manufacturers, service bureaus and investment casting companies can efficiently exploit the solutions brought by the new S390.

The new S390

The 3D printer provides precision and accuracy with higher performances. Therefore, jewelry makers and casting companies can increase their daily production given the adaptable printing speed and reliability of the device.

The S390 is addressing the needs of our jewelry customers in terms of faster production turn-arounds without compromising precision and quality,” said Fabio Esposito, Solidscape President & CEO. “The higher level of reliability and speed offered by the S300 Series secures consistent and faster production combined with Solidscape reknowned printing accuracy and precision.”

Speaking about the technology, the 3D printer’s technology optimizes the way the company prints castable patterns, powering the same Solidscape precision even faster. The total system includes a Solidscape base and industrial dust collection system.

Technical specifications will very soon be released. The company will first demonstrate the new S390 high precision 3D printer at the MJSA Expo show March 11-13th.

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