The new ProMaker LD-3 is the recently launched compact 3D printer by Prodways. The 3D printer will enable a wide range of sectors from dental to prototyping to include 3D printing in their manufacturing processes.

It integrates the DLP® technology and offers a compact design that may fit the requirements for each sector of activity.  As far as specificities are concerned, with dimensions of 400 x 400 x 545 mm, the 3D printer offers a print volume of 64 x 120 x 130 mm and a pixel size of 50 µm. It operates at a temperature that is between 18 -28°C and its power requirements are 100 -240 V / 50/60 Hz / 80 W.

A specific package for dental professionals

First of all, let’s note that dentistry is among the sectors that are most covered by Prodways. However, the manufacturer used to propose the capacities of the MOVINGLight® ProMaker L5000 D dental 3D printer to professionals.

With this new compact 3D printer, Prodways includes a full dental package which delivers services such as dental materials, expert support and training. Dental professionals may have access to this package via a monthly subscription below 1,990 euros.

As for new materials, they include a wide range of resins: for dental models intended for repair work (crowns, bridges, etc.), used in thermoforming, burnout resins or resins for implant guides.

Packages from other dedicated sectors will follow over time.

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