Fischler Dental AG, a Swiss dental laboratory, renewed its collaboration with Prodways Technologies through the purchase of a second MOVINGLight® ProMaker L5000 D dental 3D printer. Last month, Prodways was announcing the successful sale of the MOVINGLight® ProMaker L5000 D dental 3D printer to the Swiss dental laboratory.

As a reminder, the MOVINGLight® technology has a combination of high precision and productivity across large manufacturing platforms. Fishcler Dental AG aims to increase its dental model production capacity while maintaining the precision and quality that have made its reputation.

Image via Prodways

The growing demand for digital workflow in the dental field

According to the latest dental market reports, the market of intra-oral dental 3D scanner estimated at US$ 189.1 million in 2015, is expected to grow to US$ 310.4 million by 2020, thereby accelerating the demand for digital workflow in the dental field.

As far as Fischler Dental AG is concerned, the laboratory observed a rise in the demand for its dental models since the increasing use of intra-oral scanners. As a result, the laboratory became one of the first dental laboratories in Switzerland to invest in industrial dental 3D printers to meet this need, increase production capacity and decrease per-unit-cost.

Mr. Titus Fischler, CEO of Fischler Dental AG, stated that: Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time testing many dental 3D printers. Prodways’ MOVINGLight® dental 3D printers [really] insure industrial productivity and repeatability for professional dental laboratories. Thanks to their highly reliable technology, we can guarantee our customers consistently precise, high-quality restorations in very short time-frames.”

Last, the laboratory has also benefited from Prodways Materials’ solutions in the development of printing resins for the dental industry.

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