Prodways successfully sold its Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer, the ProMaker P4500 HT, in the aeronautics sector and achieved its first sales in the “compact” dental segment.

The ProMaker LD Series, based on its patented MOVINGLight® technology as well as its early-adopter programme will be used in dental laboratories in Italy, Germany and the United States.

Prodways’ MOVINGLight® technology & ProMaker LD series 3D printers

Used by key players in the dental sector (manufacturers of dental aligners, large dental laboratories and production centres), the MOVINGLight® technology has a combination of high precision and productivity across large manufacturing platforms.

The French manufacturer aims at meeting the requirements of dental laboratories embarking on their transition to a digital workflow, that’s why the technology is offered in in a more compact and versatile format and at an affordable price (less than €100,000 for the first models in the range).

As for ProMaker LD-10 3D printers, they address the needs of the market in various ways. Professionals of the dental sector will use 3D printing resins for dental models intended for restoration; for thermoforming as well as burnout 3D printing resins for the casting of fixed crowns.

Images via Prodways

New materials announced for 2018

Material-3D Printing-ABS-2800-liquid resin


This year, the company will be launching new resins on the new MOVINGLight® platform: a 3D printing resin dedicated to surgical guide applications and temporary bridge crowns and a new 3D printing material for hearing aids.

The development of these materials is the result of new companies acquired by Prodways: the French dental laboratory, Cristal, as well as Interson Protac, specialized in ear tips for hearing aids and customised hearing protectors.

The ProMaker P4500 HT 3D printer in the aeronautics sector

This industrial 3D printer is characterised by its high-temperature capability (up to 220°C), unique in its segment, and by a very large production platform (400mm x 400mm x 600mm) that opens up new development possibilities for the aerospace sector. The ProMaker 4500 HT 3D printer will be used in a R&D centre to develop new applications and design parts with complex geometries and aerodynamic properties that are difficult to manufacture with standard methods for parts used in engines, turbines, aeroplane wings or cabin interiors.

ProMaker P4500 HT

Additive manufacturing in the aerospace and aeronautics sectors is rapidly evolving. This is due to the constant innovations to make these sectors evolved.

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