Every week we bring you top stories of what is going on within the 3D printing industry. What innovations are being discovered? What sector is becoming more and more populated with the latest cutting edge technology? All these questions with so many answers.

 Remember Reebok? The global athletic footwear company? Adidas’ subsidiary? They recently announced a limited edition of its Liquid Floatride Run Shoe, of course, printed in 3D.

Image via Reebok – The Liquid Floatride Run Shoe

3D Printed solutions are continuously being used for the benefit of the underprivileged social class. This is the case in Nantes where they recently inaugurated their first 3D printed house. What better way to aid the development of social housing?

Image via batiprint3d

It’s a perfect duo: a 3D hearing printer specialising in printing 3D hearing aids. This is the case for Rapid Shape who unveiled 3 printers for this particular use.

Image via Rapid Shape

 They’ve kept us waiting since early this year and now, it’s finally here! The
long-awaited 3D Full Body Scanner now available in Canada & the U.S.: Thank you Kodak & Twindom!

Image via Twindom

It should be noted that from this interview, you will receive an in-depth insight on how Medicrea manufactures 3D implants, its importance and how much the health sector has evolved.

Image via Medicrea


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