With the advancement of STEM, companies and institutions are implementing new processes and requirements to enable teachers to teach easily. However, all teachers do not always find them suitable for their classes.

In order to engage students in 3D learning, Accelerate Learning launches STEMscopes™ NGSS 3D, a STEM curriculum that provides teachers with new guidelines to teach STEM. The Disciplinary Core Ideas, Crosscutting Concepts, and Science and Engineering Practices that constitute every standard of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are addressed in the new 3D curriculum.

The latter combines a comprehensive digital curriculum, supplemental print materials, and ready-made exploration kits with embedded professional development to support student and teacher success.

Teachers can choose to use the pre-made bundles or reconfigure them to create their own storylines. Within each bundle, STEMscopes NGSS 3D uses three layers of phenomena to drive student inquiry: anchoring, investigative, and daily phenomena. Together, these inform the bundle’s overarching mission activity, claim-evidence-reasoning assessments, and student-led inquiry through lesson activities. The result is a coherent storyline that challenges students to refer back to the mission, add new information as they explore new phenomena, and apply the three dimensions to their understanding.”

In education, let’s remind that companies increasingly implement actions and provide materials that might serve teachers in their lessons.  Ultimaker for instance, launched Create Education, a platform that provides all materials to enable teachers to give their lessons. Makerbot on its side, does not only provide materials, the company also tried to obtain “seals” that might give more credits to this part of its activity.

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