The Memorandum of Understanding signed by American Engineering Company (AECOM) and WinSun is a three year agreement that enables both companies to provide 3D printing construction to clients all over the world.

The Winsun 3D printed apartment block. Photo via: WinSun Global

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed at a ceremony in Suzhou, China. Photo via Aecom

AECOM, the Los Angeles-based company already provides consulting, construction, design and management services. As for the Chinese 3D printing company, its well-known Yingchuang Building Technique could now benefit other clients. A technique that proves that one can no longer doubt of its skills, and even its capability to build Donald Trump’s wall.
Anyway, business is going well for Ma Yihe, founder of WinSun who just signed a lease agreement for 3D printers with Saudi Arabia.
During the signing ceremony Ian Chung, China AECOM’s SVP and People’s Republic of China regional executive stated that such a partnership will confirm WinSun’s leadership position in 3D printing construction, with Russian Apis Cor and MIT’s robot as main competitors.
Furthermore, Ian Chung strongly believes that 3D printing will “help [the] global network of clients achieve faster turnaround times with a lower carbon footprint from the whole construction process.”
On the other hand, for Ma Yihe it is an opportunity to integrate “construction 3D printing technology into planning and design” (which as a reminder, are part of the core business of AECOM).
For these two giants finally, the next market opportunities are in Asia and Africa.

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