Images via 3DVinci Creations

3D Vinci Creations and AI Build have announced a collaboration that will enable AI Build to expand its products in the United Arab Emirates. As part of this partnership, 3D Vinci Creations will distribute the manufacturer large 3D Printing technology to its customer database.  

The technology had been displayed in the Sculpture gallery of the Victoria and Albert Museum and raised a lot of attention due to its size. As a reminder the “Factory of the future” integrates a bundle of hardware and software and facilitates the AM of large-scale products through automation.

Indeed, by reducing manufacturing costs and freeing up human labour, Ai Build’s technology brings 3D printing to mass production in established industries such as Construction and Furniture.

Daghan Cam, CEO of Ai Build, stated “Dubai has been at the forefront of 3D printing scene in the last few years, especially in Construction. We are very excited to become a part of this bold vision for the future of 3D printing set out by governments and authorities in the region. As a fast-growing company, working with strong partners is critical for our success. The distribution agreement with 3DVinci Creations allows us to bring our disruptive technology into this vibrant market with an experienced key player in the region for large scale 3D printing.”

As far as 3D Vinci Creations is concerned, this partnership demonstrates their variety of expertise in the 3D Printing industry. Indeed, the 3D printing service provider recently signed another partnership with COBOD, that aims to provide the region with 3D printed concrete structures.

Edouard Baaklini, CEO of 3DVinci Creations, stated “At 3DVinci Creations, we strive to find the right 3D Printing solution for our customers, helping them turn their concepts and designs into physical objects. With this distributorship agreement, we aim to provide cost effective and superfast large-scale 3D printing solutions to the GCC market. This agreement with Ai Build is an opportunity to bring quality large scale 3D printing closer to users in the region in order to reap the benefits it brings to the local market in terms of reduced labor costs, reduced material waste, sustainable eco-friendly additive manufacturing, use of recycled plastics, improved design capabilities, and reduced duration of production.”

In April 2019, the AiMaker will be revealed at 3D Vinci Creations’ headquarters in Dubai.

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