COBOD, a manufacturer of construction 3D printers based in Denmark has signed a distribution agreement with 3DVinci Creations. The Dubaï-based company is acknowledged for its 3D concrete printing products and services to construction companies, government ministries and agencies, educational institutions, research and development centers, Engineers and Architects throughout the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the entire Middle Eastern countries.

As part of this agreement, 3DVinci Creations will showcase 3D construction printing for the next two months to professionals in the luxury city. As for COBOD, this is an opportunity to develop its market in a demanding region like Dubaï. Indeed, the government plans to build 25% of building using 3D Printing technologies.

 “At COBOD we are working towards full automation in the construction industry by designing 3D concrete printers and automated processes for the building site. In cooperation with our local distributor, 3DVinci Creations, we decided to install a gantry 3D concrete printer so that the local market can explore and experience firsthand the potential of this disruptive technology,” said Henrik Lund-Nielsen, CEO and co-founder of COBOD. “We have already received several guests from prominent local construction and architectural companies, as well as governmental entities, and we look forward to receiving more guests in the coming weeks. Everybody is welcome to come and experience concrete printing with our BOD1 printer, our first-generation printer and although it is not a BOD2, our latest version of 3D construction printer, the abilities of the gantry printer and the smoothness of the printed walls has clearly impressed our guests.

Edouard Baaklini, CEO of 3DVinci Creations, stated At 3DVinci Creations, we strive to find the right 3D Printing solution for our customers, helping them turn their concepts and designs into physical objects. With this distributorship agreement, we aim to provide cost effective and fast 3D concrete printing solutions that will address the housing and construction needs in the UAE. This agreement with COBOD is an opportunity to bring quality 3D concrete printing closer to users in the region in order to reap the benefits it brings to the local market in terms of reduced labor costs, reduced material waste, sustainable eco-friendly construction, reduced carbon emission, improved design capabilities, and reduced duration of construction. With the potential of 3D printing to change the ways we design and build, it can truly contribute to creating a better and healthier world.”


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