Ai Build’s new 3D printing technology displayed in the Sculpture gallery of the Victoria and Albert Museum

Ai Build’s automated fabrication technology is now offered as one complete package available to licence

Displaying a large-scale 3D printing system in the Sculpture gallery of the Victoria and Albert Museum is a way to make this technology accessible to the mass public.

AI Build aims to offer an affordable package to manufacturers. The provider of autonomous large-scale 3D Printing systems will supply factories a package of software, hardware and infrastructure for their large-scale projects.

These services would be offered with industrial robots from Kuba Robotics, a company with which AI Build signed a partnership earlier this month. So, industrial robots, 3D printing might foster mass production while minimizing manufacturing costs and freeing up human labour.

Ai Build’s technology

The technology of the manufacturer is made up of AiSync, AiMaker and AiCell.

AiSync is a cutting-edge cloud-based web application that allows the users to simulate, control and monitor their fleet of 3D printers from anywhere. AiMaker is a smart thermoplastic extruder that is designed to be attached on industrial robotic arms to ensure the best manufacturing quality and speed. AiCell is a lightweight, modular enclosure that houses the industrial robotic 3D printers in a highly-controlled environment for maximum precision and repeatability.”

Ai Build is breaking the boundaries of this niche market and Furniture, Construction, Automotive and Aerospace are the first one that will benefit from this new manufacturing process.


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