After the Mach2XS, meet Kniterate, the computerized knitting machine, the economical and compact version of industrial knitting machines.

It enables you to automatically transform your digital designs into knitted clothing. The smart artistic innovation combines both 3D printing and domestic knitting machines from the 1980s.

The founder and CEO Gerard Rubio of Kniterate explains that:

“We finally found the perfect combination of a computer and a knitting machine Office. We added a set of mechanisms to automate the whole process, from the starting up to the stop, the formatting and the realization of many types of stitches.

“Users who design their own knitting can import templates and convert them to the Kniterate “K code”. Another option consists in designing new clothes via Kniterate’s free application.

“This allows you to design it in the Cloud, from existing templates. You can modify measurements, add text or images, draw, load patterns and points from an existing library, and so on. ” explains Rubio.

If the clothes might not be ready-made, Rubio affirms that a few simple steps, such as cutting wire and making a few knots, still need to be made to achieve the product.

Customers can make their own design or download and modify existing templates. The startup also develops an online platform which allows users to share and freely access their creations. “You can freely access it in order to get inspiration or just look for what you want to create,” says Rubio.

Furthermore, the selling price of this machine is around $ 5,000. Kniterate just launched a Kickstarter campaign that will end on May 8th, 2017. The goal is to collect $ 100,000 for the funding. The campaign is already a success at one month of its closing with promises of funding as much as double previous estimates (more than $ 260,000).

So you can take out your credit card!

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