You may find your 3D Printer in Aldi’s stores

With approximately 15 000 stores in 18 countries, Aldi will make the sales of 3D printers a reality for the mass audience in its supermarket chain. Indeed, this month will mark the start of sales of a a £299 (€ 333.7) 3D printer in Aldi UK.

Called the 3D Printer hero, pre-orders of this product will start from November 19th.

Bringing 3D Printers to a wider audience

Companies are increasingly striving to bring 3D Printing to a mass audience. Strategies are being implemented to make it more accessible to a savvy and curious public: educational programs, low-cost 3D Printers as well as easy-to service programs are part of these strategies.

Last year, the global supermarket chain marks its first step in the 3D Printing market by an offer in its Australian stores. A first experience which was successful enough to make the giant store move into the UK market.

What is that 3D Printer?

3D Printer hero “features touchscreen controls, prints directly from SD cards, supports a variety of filaments, and has a large build area to print your toys, figures, decorations, crafts, and more.”

The machine uses Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology, can print layers, and builds them up gradually to create an object intended for a specific use.


The launch of pre-orders before Christmas will certainly give the mass public an idea of presents their relatives might love.

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