XJET unveils new equipment for automated post-processing of ceramic 3D printed parts

XJET now provides an end-to-end automation solution – from support generation to support removal –which enables manufacturers to achieve automated, repeatable, low-cost production

Machine manufacturer XJET has just enhanced user experience of its Carmel 1400 additive manufacturing System with a dedicated post-processing system.

Named SMART for ‘Support Material Automatic Removal Technology’, the new equipment is described as an automated post-processing solution for AM parts. Combined with the soluble support material unveiled two years ago, the new machine helps eliminate dependency on operator expertise.

As a reminder, the company’s soluble support material works with all its ceramic and metal build materials.

To use SMART, operators need to choose among a variety of programs that work using intelligent algorithms; programs which differ by water level, flow rate and other parameters to suit any given tray of parts.

The company explains in a press communication that the ability to gently melt away the support ensures any ultra-fine details and complex geometries of parts are preserved throughout the post-processing process.

The SMART station delivers the final missing link in AM,” asserts Dror Danai, XJet CBO. “Now XJet’s award-winning soluble support material becomes even easier to remove, making part production really easy and allowing virtually any geometry as water can access even the smallest channels that XJet ultra high-quality printing enables.


One of our beta customers has reported a 90 percent reduction in cleaning time and hassle using the XJet SMART station, so we’re delighted with the results!” says Danai. “Additive manufacturing is supposed to offer true design freedom and complex geometries with zero additional cost. Our soluble support material delivers those capabilities – even for tiny cavities. Now with the SMART station our customers can benefit from simple, predictable, low-cost operation.”

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