With ACTech, Materialise will enhance its solutions for metal 3D Printing

Materialise just acquired ACTech, a specialist in production of limited runs of highly complex cast metal parts.

This transaction will give Materialise the possibility to improve its offering of manufacturing solutions for unique 3D-printed metal parts.

The added value of ACTech’ s acquisition  

The Germany based-leader has more than a 20 year-experience and deep knowledge in the treatment of complex 3D printed metal parts.

This acquisition will further the development of Materialise metal competence centre in addition to reinforce its position of leader in the 3D Printing industry.

As part of this acquisition, Wilfried Vancraen, founder and CEO of Materialise says:  “ACTech knows metal and how to shape it to production standard, and we know Metal 3D Printing. Bringing those two competencies together is vital to the delivery of high added-value metal 3D-printed parts for specialized applications.

Furthermore, this is also the possibility for Materialise to develop and enhance its software suite for Metal 3D Printing. Indeed, the company will benefit from ACTech’ active metal manufacturing environment.

Through the acquisition, we are further enhancing the manufacturing and software backbone position that will support the entire industry. For over 27 years, we have always been there as a leading, comprehensive provider of solutions in industrial polymers printing. That position has enabled us to both develop and serve a growing demand for certified manufacturing with dedicated software and solutions. By joining forces with ACTech, we will accelerate that same strategy for metal manufacturing,” continued Wilfried Vancraen.

As for ACTech customers, they will get an exclusive access to metal 3D-printed parts for pre-production design iterations.

However, through this acquisition, the remaining challenge for Materialise would be to further lead Metal 3D Printing expertise thus enhancing ACTech’ s strong position in those markets where complexity and speed are key factors.


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