Wasp expands its product offering for construction 3D printing with a new 3D printer. Named 3MT CONCRETE, the new device is intended for the production of modular components.

The modularity capability would facilitate the assembly of parts after the printing process. Furthermore, the user interface and remote-control features make it compatible with the needs of Industry 4.0, while the safety guarantee is CE certified and is total, thanks to the enclosed printing area with grid panels and open-door sensors.

The new 3D Printer integrates a Continuous Feeding System and is equipped with LDM WASP EXTRUDER XXL. It can print concrete mortars, natural mixtures, clay and gres. It can be configured also with LDM WASP EXTRUDER XL for high precise 3D printed clay pieces.

Other technical features include a nozzle for concrete which varies from 18 to 30 mm, and from 8 to 18 mm when it processes clay. The Simplify License is included and compatible with all slicing software.

Like all WASP 3D Printers, this printer is also equipped with a “Resurrection System” (to resume interrupted printing in the event of accidental shutdowns or sudden power failure) and Free Zeta System, a feature that enables the machine to restart from the point where the printing was interrupted.

However, in the 3D printing industry, what enables a 3D printer manufacturer to stand out from the crowd, is its ability to ensure the technical support of the devices he sells.

After 8 years in this industry, the Italian manufacturer is more than ever aware of that and ensures a whole package in terms of technical support: installation, 3D printing courses, 3D modeling, slicing, optimization of mix design, as well as the commissioned tests about 3D printable mixtures.

Two years ago, the Italian company revealed its plan for the 2020 construction 3D Printing market. It ambitioned then to make everyone believe in 3D printing for sustainable living, through 3D printing and digital fabrication. Despite the chaotic times we are living, this launch shows that the company is trying its best to stick to its plans, and that’s promising.

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