Vectary, the online 3D Mesh Design Tool improved for Team Collaboration

Vectary is a 3D design tool that enables real time collaboration in the web browser. Readers of 3D Adept may have read about Vectary for the first time when we talked about the Noun Project. The Open-source collection of online pictograms uses Vectary to enable its users to import 2D icons and turn them into ready-to-print 3D models.

The 3D mesh tool

Vectary has been upgraded for graphic designers who need to collaborate on and manage 3D design projects remotely.

Michal Koor, Vectary CEO and co-founder comments on this update: “We’re changing the way 3D design is created by allowing multiple designers to work on one 3D scene in real time, add comments and share it with the team or clients. Think of Vectary as Google Docs for 3D design. The workforce is diverse and dispersed, with many teams working remotely. In mesh 3D design, no simple, powerful tool that enables team collaboration was available until now.”

The main advantages of this update are multi-user access on one 3D scene; feedback with 3D comments in the 3D space, a full 3D toolset with built-in HD rendering, access to projects from anywhere in the world as well as super simple Drag and Drop interface and a library of 3D object for beginners.

Those features are increasingly integrated into a number of 3D model tools. Remember how SImScale integrates HOOPS Exchange and Parasolid into its 3D CAD model. Multi-user access, collaboration, easy scaling of computing resources, and automated maintenance were part of the main benefits mentioned.

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