Tumaker launched Voladd, a 3D printer for individuals

Tumaker, the industrial 3D printer manufacturer, has launched Voladd, a web-connected 3D Printer for domestic environments, education and companies.

The 3D printer distinguished itself from other of the same range through the elements included in its package. Through the Voladd Cloud for instance, users can get access to a library filled with thousands of free designs to print 3D objects at home, in school or at work. They can also share designs and printer access with others from anywhere in the world. The Voladd Cloud library contains thousands of objects curated by an in-house Content Team. The concept is similar to the one provided by Robo and MyStemKits.

 Technical specificities

Voladd has a printing volume of 3281cm3 and can go up to 30 mm per second and less than 45 Db. “When it comes to footprint, Voladd takes up the same amount of space as an opened 15’’ laptop, resulting in an extremely efficient print area ratio-to-size compared with other 3D printers. The open design allows users to observe printing from every angle during the printing process.”

We are talking about a 3D printer that integrated a FDM technology. Voladd Cartridges, the filament of the manufacturer is a PLA biodegradable plastic sourced from renewable materials. “The cartridges are 100% recyclable, also, we give one new Voladd Cartridge for free in exchange for five empty Voladd Cartridges. Users can choose from 7 possible colors: white, silver, orange, green, red, blue and black and there are more colors and different materials such as flexible plastics on the way”, said the company.

In addition to its dynamic airflow cooling system, the machine allows the use of Wi-Fi or Ethernet and integrates features such as NFC and MQTT. The 3D printer does not require any software installation or cables. No SD memory cards or USBs are necessary.

Furthermore, it requires no software installation, no cables and no SD memory cards or USBs. Simply select an object, customize, click and print.

The 3D printer is already available in Spain at Eroski, El Corte Inglés and Carrefour stores for 899 €. It will very soon be launched in Germany and France.

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