This week’s 3D Printing’s Top Stories

No need for further introduction as these companies illustrated in the articles speak from themselves. Let’s take a look at our top stories within the 3D printing industry.

Major changes in the Food Industry?
Jin-Kyu Rhee, professor at Ewha Woman’s University in South Korea researches a way to 3D print food on a platform the same way 3D printed materials are deposited on top of the other to build the final masterpiece.

Honeybees and 3D printing!
Associate professor of Mechanical Engineering Parsaoran Hutapea joins forces with PhD candidate Mohammed Sahlabadi to create 3D printed surgical needles with the help – well the inspiration of Honeybees.

Traditional film meets Sony Camera
Alexander Gee, programmer and engineer enthusiast, manages to fabricate a 3D printed Camera – a project he calls “LEX”. Such a camera enables its users to create their own camera bodies.

Fab Lab Leuven
Our visit to the Fab Lab Leuven was a success. Read about how Marc Lambaerts gives his insight on the importance of the Fab Lab to the students.

3D printed wheel rims
BigRep introduces to us its 3D printed custom wheel rims. Now, drivers have the choice: traditional or unique wheel rims? Let us know your choice.


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