Lex 3D printed camera: a combination of Sony Lenses and traditional 35 mm film

The programmer and engineering enthusiast Alexander Gee, has launched a project called Lex that will enable makers to fabricate their own camera bodies.Alexander is inspired by the aesthetic to shooting on film that gets lost over time due to the growing use of digital cameras. His aim is not to bring back the great moments of film but to enable enthusiasts like him “to enable users to use the lenses of the camera to create films”.The integration of Sony lenses

Gee’s camera integrates Sony’ s E-mount lenses which have been specifically designed for cameras such as the Sony A7 III and whose digital image sensor is no longer than 35mm film.

It should be noted that it does not integrate all the features of a 1990s film-era SLR but it integrates an “antishake technology”, that most of those cameras do not have.Once the shutter button is pressed, “the camera calculates the point at which you are most stationary and shoots then,” the maker explained.

Further information has not been given about 3D printing.

According to the maker, the prototype will cost about 450$ (3D printing and the shutter from Sony’s catalog are included). However, Alexander has decided to share the 3D files for those who want to make their own camera.  Let’s wait for the crowdfunding campaign first.


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