The reason why 3D printed BioNEEK is strong and enhances mobility

The more the knee is vulnerable, the more it affects normal lifestyle and reduces mobility over time. In fact, according to a research, this part of the human anatomy would be the most vulnerable.

In order to provide a support to those who suffer from pain on their knee, researchers and professionals at Sichuan Ju An Hui Science and Technology manufacture BioNEEK, a passive bionic exoskeleton brace.

This brace provides support, reduces impact and enables to stabilize and maximize the protection of the knee so that it can easily be restored. According to professionals, the magnetorheological damper works just like a shock absorption system, therefore the user does not feel a very high pressure when he moves.

The reason why BioNEEK is so strong is due to the manufacturing. BioNEEK was 3D printed with a material called PEEK. Intamsys’ 3D Technology has made it possible to customize needs in terms of sizing of the knee brace. Furthermore, it should be noted that PEEK can achieve 99.9 MPa in tensile strength and 3738 MPa in Young’s Modulus.

Knee brace with PEEK as its main structure help prevent injury by giving users an additional layer of strength and protection. Foam padding is added to the brace to ensure comfortable wearing experience. Sichuan Ju An Hui is now able to swiftly customize according to customers’ sizes and produce BioNEEK that fit comfortably on the knees of each customer while delivering the industry-leading level of protection.”

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