Intamsys offers now a global 3D printing service and Materials Technical Data Sheets

Intamsys joins the sector of 3D printing service with worldwide shipping coverage and the technical data sheets has been made available for all selectable materials.

Intamsys provides professional-grade online 3D printing and manufacturing services. Customers can benefit from strength to weight ration as well as faster time to market and higher cost efficiencies by using INTAMSYS’ range of materials, finishes, and manufacturing production expertise.

Speaking about materials, it should be noted that the company has access to Polymaker’s wide range of materials via the printer manufacturers partnership program (PMPP).

The high-performance functional materials available through INTAMSYS 3D Printing Service are PEEK, ULTEMTM 1010, ULTEMTM 9085, and PPSU. Furthermore, users can choose from engineering-grade thermoplastics and composites such as PC-ABS, Carbon Fiber Nylon, PC, Nylon, ABS, ASA, PLA and others. The Technical Data Sheets can already be downloadable via the website of the company.

Images via Intamsys

The 3D printing technologies FUNMAT PRO and FUNMAT PRO HT will ensure the service. With these machines, customers could order and build their prints up to 450 x 450 x 600 mm.

INTAMSYS offers dedicated engineering team for its 3D printing service and is committed to ensure all prints are always delivered to specs, dimensionally accurate and on time to its customers.


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