2018 has been significant for several reasons. For the industry, 2018 has been marked by innovations, partnerships, acquisitions and amazing use cases.

However, beyond the articles, the events we attended, the services we offered, we built relationships that allowed us to move forward together. It is this strength that will accompany us throughout 2019 and will take us even further.

We have listed below the 5 articles that have been most read on our online media in 2018:

Wonderful year 2019!

  1. The “Ultimate 3D Printing Materials Guide”

In the “materials” category, Simplify3D has released a guide that enables professionals to optimize 3D printing settings for their projects.

  1. How can 3D printed orphan drugs improve life of patients?

Antonio Benedetti, CEO of Cycle Pharmaceuticals discusses the potential of 3D printing in the manufacturing of orphan drugs.

  1. Palette 2, Mosaic Manufacturing’s multi-material 3D printing ecosystem

Palette 2 is still famous today. The hardware product can be integrated in 3D printers and enables multi-color and multi-material 3D printing.

  1. Mark Cook & Stephan Dahl on the partnership between GF & 3D Systems

This video interview shows the importance of collaboration. When GF and 3D Systems join forces to combine AM and subtractive techniques.

  1. A conversation with Alain Dupont, CEO from AP&C

Alain Dupont discusses the materials that are gaining momentum and industry issues that still need to be tackled.

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