Palette 2, Mosaic Manufacturing’s multi-material 3D printing ecosystem

We were expected a big announcement from Mosaic Manufacturing and the company did it pretty well. Palette 2 has not only been released, but, the company is already gaining momentum within the industry since manufacturers such as MakerGear, Raise3D, Dremel, Robo 3D, gCreate, and MAKEiT will embed the new device in their 3D printers.

So, what is this famous Palette 2?

Palette 2 is a hardware product that integrates with 3D printers enabling multi-color and multi-material 3D printing. It is now available on Mosaic’s website starting at a pre-order price of $499. The device is part of the company’s multi-material 3D printing ecosystem which also includes the CANVAS Software Platform, and CANVAS Hub.

The reality is that 3D printers are often limited to printing single color or single material parts. Mosaic Manufacturing wanted to remedy this situation with Palette 2 which allows 3D printers to combine flexible materials, soluble materials, rigid materials, and different colored materials in a single print.

Designers and engineers will certainly agree with that: multi-material 3D printing offers another type of experience when it comes to high-value parts. The aforementioned manufacturers of 3D printers will therefore launch 3D printers with integrated Palette 2 experiences, so that users will have access to multi-material 3D printing as a native feature.

According to the company, the product would be compatible with almost all filament-based 3D printers on the market. Furthermore, users can integrate it in their current 3D printers or let the manufacturer integrates it when buying.


CANVAS is a multi-material 3D printing-focused software that would facilitate the printing of users that do not necessarily have a proven expertise.

The platform enables the “control for print settings, and data-driven setting optimizations, and it will soon enable users to ‘paint’ and colorize 3D printable files in a simple, intuitive way,” said Co-Founder and COO Chris Labelle.

We exist to help all 3D printer users create a wider range of useful prints, and to be the driving force behind the industry’s shift from single material to multi-material 3D printing”, said the company on its website; a mission that they seem to be very proud to achieve.

Mass production is already underway and the first batch of Palette 2’s is expected to be shipped by the end of September.

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