3D printing software company Simplify3D, released a guide of 3D printing materials that will enable professionals to optimize 3D printing settings for their projects.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional in your 3D printing journey, this might be helpful to for tips and ways to improve print results for each material.

In the guide, the user will find detailed articles on more than a dozen filament types, as well as a specific properties table for an easy comparison of mechanical properties between materials.

Once you have selected a material, you can view a detailed article with pros and cons, hardware requirements, best practices, pro-tips, example projects and more!

We know that 3D printing involves a balance of hardware, software, and materials,” said Simplify3D CEO Clayton Webster. “We have addressed the hardware challenges by partnering with manufacturers all over the world so that Simplify3D can support over 400 different 3D printers, but we also want to provide resources to help our customers succeed with the wide array of new materials that are available. We are constantly testing the latest printers and filaments to make sure our software is optimized for each scenario, so we are excited to share our findings with the community.”

The truth is that filament is expensive, so imagine you spend money on a spool, and you find out after starting the printing, that it is not the right one. There are numerous factors that should be taken into account for a successful print from a certain kind of filament, and it’s hard to sort through them all. Simplify3D wanted to address that issue, hence the release of this guide.

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