Optomec and Tesscorn will collaborate to expand sales of Optomec’s solutions in India. Tesscorn is a well-known distributor of integrated products and services. The company also supports the R&D community in the country in the areas of Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, Military Forces as well as in Universities.

On its side, the supplier of production additive manufacturing systems for 3D printed metals and 3D printed electronics is developing both its technology and its notoriety in the additive manufacturing market.

Optomec’s Aerosol Jet Technology and LENS printers

Optomec’s 3D printing systems can be used in a variety of sectors. Carnegie Mellon University for instance employs the company’s Aerosol Jet Technology to extend 3D micro-additive manufacturing methods for fully printed conformal sensors, low loss passives and antennas for on-chip and off-chip electronics. The company’s 3D printing systems can manufacture smaller, lighter-weight, high-performance devices. In addition to R&D, other applications of its technology include Aerospace, Defense, Consumer Electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT) therefore its technology stands as a potential and useful tool for the Indian market.

Optomec LENS printers use the energy from a high-power laser to build up structures one layer at a time, directly from powdered metals. The LENS process can completely build new metal parts or add material to existing metal components for repair and hybrid manufacturing applications. LENS technology is available in standalone system configurations or as a modular print engine for integration with CNC automation platforms.

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