Techniplas to reduce Assembly Line Tooling Fabrication Expenses by 70% with Sharebot 3D printers

3D printed plastic and metal parts (Techniplas)

In September 2017, Sharebot joined the famous Open Innovation Program of Techniplas. In order to accelerate operational yields and develop flexible manufacturing cells, Techniplas wanted to embed 3D printed tools, jigs and fixtures powered by Sharebot into its factories.

The first operation has certainly been a success because Techniplas has deployed again Sharebot 3D printers in 14 factories worldwide. The company aims at decreasing its dependency on external suppliers in order to eliminate a significant portion of its assembly line tooling costs and compress its lead times from months to days.

3D printed plastic and metal parts (Techniplas)

Indeed, according to Techniplas’ experts, the replacement of conventionally produced jigs and fixtures would decrease the fabrication expenses by as much as 70%.

3D printed plastic and metal parts (Techniplas)
Assembly fixture (Techniplas)

Furthermore, as far as the Open Innovation Program is concerned, Techniplas has welcomed a wide range of companies from various specializations including other manufacturers of 3D Printers but this is the first time that its collaboration is renewed with one of them. You may discover more about the different partners of Techniplas Open Innovation Program in the February issue of our magazine 3D Adept Mag (page 9).

As for Sharebot, the Italian company is clearly positioned itself within the international landscape and its offering in Techniplas Open Innovation is certainly not the last one we will see in the industry.

We are pleased to further deepen our relationship with Techniplas as we increase the application and utility of our latest 3D printing solutions to mission-critical automotive manufacturing applications around the world,” said Sharebot CEO Arturo Donghi. “With this global deployment, Techniplas is demonstrating its commitment to digital manufacturing powered by its open innovation ecosystem, which we are so proud to be part of.

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