All images via Nike

Stratasys and Nike collaborate for the manufacture of a limited edition of the Missing Link x Nike Air Max Susan shoe, for LAIKA’s upcoming film, ‘Missing Link’.  NIKE and the animation studio LAIKA, designed the original version of the Missing Link shoe.

Mr. Susan Link, one of the main characters inspired the creation of the shoes. His story depicts his support to Sir Lionel Frost, a monster chaser, in the quest for a remnant of Mr. Link’s primitive ancestry. 

As far as the manufacturing is concerned, Nike VP of Advanced Concepts, Tinker Hatfield, designed the shoes. Former animator Michael Berger was responsible for the choice of materials and textures of Mr. Link’s plaid suit which has been created by LAIKA costume designer Deborah Cook, to a Nike Air Max 1.

Costume isn’t a separate entity from character design, it’s very much intrinsic,” says Deborah Cook. “If Mr. Link was wearing completely different clothes, you’d read him in a very, very different way.”

Stratasys PolyJet-based 3D printing solutions come into play at the production stage for the Missing Link x Nike Air Max Susan. It should be noted this is not the first time Stratasys’ multi-material 3D Printer produces a pair of shoes, though the previous one did not look too much comfortable.

The release of The Missing Link x Nike Air Max Susan is expected for April 9. Users might appreciate the movie of this character in theaters as from April 12th.

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