On December 17th at the San Francisco Asian Art museum in California, Fashion design graduate Ganit Goldstein featured new 3D printed shoes that were manufactured using Stratasys technology.

3D printed ‘woven’ shoes, designed by Ganit Goldstein manufactured on Stratasys Connex3 Color, Multi-material 3D Printer

Inspired by her experiences in Japan, especially the ikat (a weaving technique) that she learned at Tokyo University of the Arts, Ganit wanted to produce a tailor-made haute couture fashion, which she successfully achieved by combining 3D printing and scanning technologies with traditional design techniques.

This capability to control any voxel for any pattern has enabled me to design without boundaries and to combine 3D printing with traditional weaving techniques to create ultra-realistic shoes. For aspiring designers, the ability to fuse cutting-edge technology with traditional crafts is very exciting, unlocking the freedom to design without limitations of past years”, explained the artist.

Even though for the artist, 3D printing increasingly becomes part of design, for her, the key to good design remains to “first get an understanding of the traditional design methods and foundations, and then explore how [to] enhance the essence of the traditional method with new technology. Not only does 3D printing accelerate the design process and enable reduced production costs, it also affords designers total freedom of design.”

However, the only question that remains is to know if the shoes can effectively be wearable. In the fashion industry, 3D printing slowly continues to pave its way in fashion shows, but should the final not be the wearability of the creation by the average consumer?

As far as Ganit is concerned, the fashion design graduate was selected as a finalist of the ‘Arts of Fashion Foundation’ International Student Fashion Competition, a challenge that gathers students that work in the Fashion and Accessories industry.

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