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 Stratasys new solution for 3D printing shops is GrabCAD Shop, designed to streamline work order management processes by improving the way professional collaborate on 3D Printing orders.

The new solution is not to be confused with GrabCAD Print, the recently released advanced FDM feature of its software.

 GrabCAD Shop

Most 3D printing shops still rely on emails, spreadsheets, whiteboards and paper to ensure their 3D printing orders. The only thing is that, as 3D printing solutions increasingly require automation, it is crucial for these businesses to integrate such a solution at all levels in the way they work.

A private beta program began this summer and Schneider Electric was quick to sign on. “We’ve switched over completely to GrabCAD Shop,” said Doug VanWaart, print manager for Schneider Electric. “Our previous print request process was a Word document, and no one liked filling that form out. GrabCAD Shop’s simple set-up makes it a lot quicker to create print orders, and easier for me to manage them through the process. We also like how all the jobs are stored in the cloud so we can always go back and reprint an old job if needed.”

Stratasys revealed that, approximately 15% of work hours in a typical 3D print shop are wasted tracking down work order requirements and manually communicating status updates to engineers, designers and operators.

Integrating GrabCAD Shop into a business comes with its array of benefits: there is no need of IT implementation support, print work requests are automatically organized by the cloud-based software, regular status updates, and even the ability to add third party printers and traditional fabrication technology systems.Obviously, it goes without saying that the solution is already configured with Stratasys printers.

 “Today, communication of requirements between designers, engineers and shop operators is inefficient and lacks traceability. This results in a loss of productivity,” said Paul Giaconia, vice president of product software for Stratasys. “GrabCAD Shop streamlines 3D printing work order management so that shop operators can focus their valuable time on making and delivering parts to their end users.

The GrabCAD Shop public beta is now available at no charge and is expected to be commercially available globally in Q1 2020.  

Clément Moreau, CEO and Co-Founder of Sculpteo. Moreau will stay with Sculpteo as CEO. 

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