Stratasys: its first steps on the stereolithography 3D Printing market

Stratasys is officially operating on (all) the big markets of the 3D printing industry: FDM, metal and now the stereolithography 3D printing market. Its entrance on this latter segment is marked by the release of the new V650™ Flex stereolithography 3D printer backed by a collaboration with DSM.  

The announcement follows the release of its industrial FDM 3D printer and the acquisition of Velo3D metal 3D printing system. The new 3D printer can process DSM Somos® stereolithography resins, which according to the producer, enable to meet the requirements of a wide range of industries.

With a build volume of 20” (50.8 cm) W x 20” (50.8 cm) D x 23 (58.4 cm)” H and interchangeable vats, the V650 Flex printer can operate during more than 75,000 hours. During the trial period, more than 150,000 parts have been produced inside Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.  

From the high-performance demands of automotive and aerospace industries to the durability and flexibility requirements of consumer goods, customers worldwide rely on Somos materials to create the highest-performing additive manufacturing prototypes and tools,” said Hugo da Silva, VP of Additive Manufacturing at DSM. “Stratasys’ entrance into the stereolithography segment is really a game-changer for the industry. Our collaboration allows customers to have greater access and flexibility for development of durable and reliable prototypes and tooling using stereolithography 3D printing.

The Stratasys on-demand network of service personnel and resellers is designed to enable customers to achieve much more through stereolithography than they have in the past. The fact that the V650 Flex printer is configurable and the resins already verified allows end-users to reach design precision previously unavailable in yesterday’s stereolithography solutions,” concluded Krieger.

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