If you are looking for an entertaining and edifying activity for this week-end, you might want to consider SPEE3DCraft, a free-to-download metal 3D printing simulator game. Developed by Cold spray 3D printer manufacturer SPEE3D,  the game-like simulation software grants craftspeople and 3D printing enthusiasts the opportunity to discover real-life metal 3D printing workflows using the same technology and equipment developed by the manufatcurer.

Coldspray AM is a relatively new technique in the AM industry, therefore the learning curve might not be as fast as with other AM technologies. For most professionals, the best way to learn is to practice, hence this “direct access” SPEE3D is given professionals.

Learn more about Cold Spray AM in the dossier we featured in the 2021 January-February Issue of 3D ADEPT Mag.

In this end, SPEE3DCraft was designed to overcome these limitations, as an easily obtainable alternative for individuals to experience and learn about real-life metal 3D printing.

SPEE3D CTO Steve Camilleri states, “SPEE3DCraft shows people how SPEE3D’s metal 3D printing process works from start to finish in a way unlike anything seen before. From aspiring engineers to manufacturing craftspeople, we are excited to see how it inspires the practice of those who use it“.

How does it work?

In SPEE3DCraft, users play as a craftsperson. They are tasked to interact with additive manufacturing technology and machinery to design, print, post-process and supply as many metal parts as possible. The user’s score is determined based on how many high-quality metal parts they can deliver within a time limit.

In this multi-environment simulator that aims to provide users a unique AM experience,  almost every aspect of the simulator has been programmed to be a reflection of the existing SPEE3D process and its technology.

For example, the duration of each operation in SPEE3DCraft, from printing to post-processing the metal part is scaled to real time. Users are also able to craft real metal parts currently used in everyday manufacturing. Even the CAD station featured in the SPEE3DCraft simulator has been designed to imitate real Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD software that is used in the actual SPEE3D process.

Autodesk director of additive manufacturing Alexander Oster states: “Autodesk Fusion 360 exists to provide users the power to create anything. SPEE3D brings a paradigm shift to metal additive manufacturing, providing dramatic reductions in production costs that will be revolutionary for the industry. Having representation of Fusion 360 in SPEE3DCraft is really unique, and we’re excited to see how it drives our complementary technologies providing value to new and existing users”.

With COVID-19 safety restrictions, and postponed events, companies are exploring a range of innovative solutions to draw attention on their expertise and help users better understand the technology. SPEE3D is not the first to explore “gamification” as a learning solution, EOS did it as well, and I have to say, whether you are an experienced professional in the field or a beginner, it’s always a bonus to learn something new in an entertaining activity.

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