Relativity to use 6K sustainable Additive Manufacturing materials for the production of rocket parts

Image: Relativity

Relativity Space and 6K are joining forces for the creation of a closed loop supply chain where 6K will transform certified scrap materials produced at the facility’s space company into 3D Printable powder.

The announcement follows the first two commercial UniMelt systems commissioned in 6K’s new manufacturing plant. What’s great about 6K is that, since its business model lies in sustainability, it can only foster further integration of this concept in its partners’ way of working.

Known for its rocket factory and launch services for satellites, Relativity is increasingly surrounding itself with uniquely positioned collaborators both in-house and externally to explore further opportunities within the Space industry.

This partnership with 6K goes beyond the simple transformation of certified scrap materials into powder. Both companies will also work on the development of new materials created specifically for rocket manufacturing and space travel.

Relativity is completely reimagining the aerospace supply chain, by creating an autonomous robotic factory that can additively manufacture a rocket in 60 days. This partnering with 6K will add another important element to our very unique approach: the ability to reuse materials,” said Tim Ellis, CEO of Relativity. “We are looking forward to working with 6K to add this sustainability to our supply chain, while ensuring closed loop traceability all the way through.”

A three-phase approach from a proof of concept all the way through a Relativity printed part.

This partnership consists in a three-phase approach from a proof of concept all the way through a Relativity printed part.

This means that 6K will utilize its UniMelt proprietary process to produce quality certified powder from scrap material and this new material will later on be used in the additive production of an end-use space part.

 For Relativity on the other hand, it should be noted that the company will have complete line of sight and control of their supply chain while ensuring certified AM chemistry for production parts that are suitable for the rigors of a rocket launch and space travel.

We are proud to be partnering with Relativity to explore ways to increase sustainability, recycling and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes, which the entire AM industry is uniquely posed to be able to integrate into standard practices”, Dr. Aaron Bent, CEO of 6K.

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