6K Additive to make the production of additive manufacturing powders from sustainable sources a reality with its first two commissioned UniMelt systems

6K Additive has commissioned the first two commercial UniMelt systems in its new 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located in Bugettstown, PA.

Since the company’s rebranding and the official launch of its AM division, 6K ambitions to enable industries to properly  convert certified chemistry machined millings, turnings and other recycled feedstock sources into premium AM-ready metal powder. 

The company is ready to make this vision a reality as it is currently proceeding through internal product qualification and 3rd party printing. Customer samplings for both the Onyx In718 and Onyx Ti64 materials will be ready in the August timeframe.

The commissioning of the first commercial UniMelt systems is the culmination of terrific work by experts in manufacturing, process and materials at both 6K Additive and our parent company 6K,” said Frank Roberts, President of 6K Additive. “Customers and strategic partners have been eager to sample and use our Onyx powders and we’re ready to deliver. Accompanying the new UniMelt systems, the new facility encompasses automated manufacturing equipment and industry leading safety and health systems that confirm our organization is hitting our production goals while ensuring the utmost in safety for our employees.

In a recent Opinion of the Week, Aaron Bent, CEO of 6K told 3D ADEPT Media that, “additive manufacturing is often thought of as sustainable. However, the production of powders for AM is just the opposite.” Ensuring sustainability through production requires a deep understanding of the technology, the required production environment and even the required production technology, three things that the US-based company has integrated.

Indeed, 6K recently is now a member of MESA’s association for sustainable manufacturing and is going through the process of certification as a sustainable manufacturing factory for the new plant.

Pete Basiliere, Managing Director of Monadnock Insights, a research and consulting firm focused on additive manufacturing commented, “Developments like sustainable feedstock combined with quality requirements are being embraced by organizations as they not only move toward green manufacturing but also create more efficient supply chains that use domestically sourced feedstock for powder production. I congratulate 6K Additive on the commissioning of its first commercial facility and look forward to the impact the company will have on furthering sustainability in the AM space.”

The new facility is near 100% completion and has significant expansion capabilities on the company’s 45 acre site. The facility has additional manufacturing bays and the company plans to commission additional UniMelt systems throughout 2021 to meet the demand for its premium AM powders.

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