Raise3D releases the latest version of its slicing software ideaMaker 4.0

Throughout the year, Raise3D’s efforts have been focused on providing better software and cloud solutions to support customers across the manufacturing industry.

Following the launch of the ideaMaker Library platform, the release of several updates of the RaiseCloud print management system and the launch of Octoprint, the manufacturer of E2 releases today another version of ideaMaker.

For those who do not know, the software integrates a wide range of options that aims to further optimize 3D models. To achieve that, users can customize the settings of a single section of an STL model, selected layers, or a specific shape inside an STL. The good news is that, all these variations can be applied to a single model or several models within a group.

This results in the decrease of both waste material and print time, but most  importantly, it gives more experienced users the ability to further maximize the efficiency and properties of their print.

The latest version of Raise3D’s slicing software provides a better integration with ideaMaker Library, RaiseCloud and Octoprint (which allows all of thosewith thirdparty printers to benefit from the ecosystem), which in turn permits users to download and share slicing templates directly on the ideaMaker Library platform,upload a Gcode to Octoprint, and remotely monitor the printing process on RaiseCloud.

By combining all these features, ideaMaker 4.0 becomes the core of the Raise3D ecosystem, which has been evolving during the past months to become a robust software solution.

Other new features of ideaMaker 4.0 include: an additional “Light theme” option, the functions “remove the overlap regions” and “keep the overlap regions only” that modify the model from ideaMaker. The feature “minimal part size” detects and removes automatically small structures in the model, a feature “spiral vase mode path interpolation” that enables smooth transition to the next layer when layers have a large gap due to sudden structure change in XY direction. And a function “array” that enables the distribution of models in specific ways.

The new ideaMaker 4.0 will be available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian and Polish.

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