E2, Raise3D’s multi-purpose industrial grade 3D Printer

An industrial-grade 3D printer designed for major industries including education. This is Raise3D’s new offer to the Additive Manufacturing market.

Named E2, the new line of 3D Printers is designed for specific materials and applications. Even though the manufacturer does not precise which ones, he does lay emphasis on the fact the device will remain an open printer in the portfolio.

With a print volume of 330mm x 240mm x 240mm, the 3D printer offers independent dual extruders, which enable inverse and duplicate printing. Other features that enable the E2 to distinguish itself from other 3D Printers of the manufacturer, include an industrial video-assisted offset calibration guide, an auto bed leveling and automatic printing pause when the front door is opened. As more and more users demand flexible build plate and a power save mode option, the manufacturer has integrated them to facilitate a user-friendly experience with the E2.

According to Diogo Quental, Raise3D’s general manager for Europe, “Raise3D aims to have a portfolio that addresses the specific needs of major industries. With that aim in mind, our R&D team designed a new printer which is easier to optimize for each industry, while keeping the highest standards that we always strive for”.

According to Edward Feng, Raise3D’s global CEO, “there is always a fine balance between usability and performance. At Raise3D we want our 3D printers to be as inclusive as possible, operated by engineers, technical experts, and large manufacturing enterprises, while at the same time providing access to easy to use 3D technologies that support education, entrepreneurial ventures, and desktop engineering. We’ve made an extra effort to improve some usability factors in the E2, without compromising performance.” He added that “just like automobiles, we know some drivers prefer the manual gearbox to automatic transmission and vice-versa, so we believe the new features will be vitally important for the type of future users we expect from a variety of industries”.

The manufacturer’s strategy to deploy the new 3D Printer

Raise3D has a different approach to commercialize the E2 across the world. Unlike other regions, in Europe, the E2 is only meant for education. Why only Europe? We will have to ask Raise3D next time we will see them face to face.

Quental explained on the other hand, that the Pro2 series has been acknowledged within manufacturers. He adds that it “is hard to combine with the requirements of Education, where, for example, a smaller printer would be easier to handle.”

With this launch, Raise3D now offers an array of desktop 3D printing solutions: its flexible manufacturing solutions that include RaiseCloud & RaiseFactory, and an Open Filament Program that offers a growing number of top-performing advanced and technical filaments.

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