Diogo Quental, New Global CEO of Raise3D

Raise 3D, the designer and manufacturer of 3D printers has just announced the nomination of Diogo Quental, as the new global CEO, effective January 1, 2018. Diogo will fulfill Edward’s current role as CEO.

This is the perfect time for Raise3D to do this change. We are proud for what we achieved so far with the current level of organization, but we needed a different type of governance to scale up the full operation, said Raise3D CEO Edward Feng. “Our decision was to make a clear separation between the on-going operation that will be managed by Diogo, and the strategic direction of the company which will be coordinated by me.”

Diogo has become very active in the 3D printing industry in 2011. He has more than 25 years of experience in several different countries and cultures, structuring new businesses, managing people, and projects. He, indeed worked in 3 global offices, in 3 different cultures where he managed different people hence his capacity to raise the standards of Raise3D.

With Edward Feng by his side, Diogo is aware there is a long road of improvements ahead: Despite having joined Raise3D only a few months ago, the experience of belonging to this team is one of the most rewarding I ever had.”, said Diogo Quental. “I am very honoured with this new position and I do feel the responsibility of it.” The future CEO also affirms that he know more comprehensive solutions still have to be offered to Corporate Customers.”

As for Edward Feng, current CEO and co-founder, he will dedicate his time to the strategic coordination of Raise3D, to support Diogo, and to engage closely with key Partners and Investors to ensure adequate support in the scale-up of the company globally.

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