What you should retain from this event…

This year marks the 3rd edition of Prototyping, an event that draws the attention of everyone who need to know more about product development, prototyping and low volume production. The event took place in Kortrijk, Belgium, from November 8th to 9th.

From idea to product design

Prototyping 2017 brought together prototyping specialists, materials’ experts … and leading companies in the 3D printing industry. The main purpose was to make people aware on the different methods to implement their ideas before going to mass production; a significant part of the industry hence the importance of the technology used, materials, tools and techniques required.

The place of 3D printing: three key sectors

Specialists in services dedicated to 3D printing, manufacturers of premium 3D printers, distributors of 3D printing technologies, specialists of materials highlighted the importance of 3D printing at this event.

German RepRap X400 v4 3D-Printer

They include Stratasys, German RepRap, Melotte, Materialize, Materia, Raytech, Flam3D, Distrinova. These actors showcase the growing importance of 3D printing in Belgium, particularly in the medical, art and research sectors where each actor strives to give a unique place to its creation.

The medical sector is one of those which increasingly portrays a great number of innovations. The medical field must constantly surround itself with other experts to discover ways to improve or save lives. Indeed, experts such as Leyre Azcona, underline the growing use of 3D printed models to perform tests in order to gain certainty and reduce costs.

In the art sector, the most important is based on the execution and details of the final piece. Materia laid emphasis on the delicacy that professionals should have in the use of materials. Through its different materials, the specialist in the field shows that 3D printing can be combined with wood, concrete, CNC foam and many more.

The research bought to the fore by universities, and organizations such as Flam3D, highlights unity of all players in this field to push forward the technology.

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